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-5000 user Submission For Member,Full Member,SR.Member,Hero Member,JR members,Legendary Member Only
- Newbies is not allowed to join(only when you donate).
-You need to join our telegram channel and group chat
-You need to follow our twitter and retweet

-Your Ethereum wallet must be ERC20 compatable,e.g.myetherwallet,mist,metamask
-Post airdrop link on your facebook page
-Must have a Bitcointalk account

-FEEL FREE TO DONATE: 0xf9D201A9aDbA3532c559942f5a540C8ed586067E
Everyone who donate to the project will be entered into the following place

1st place=50000BCG
2nd place=2500BCG
3rd place=1000BCG
4th place=500BCG

All donation will go towards the running of bitconnect token and to be listed to other Big exchange, If you donate 0.1ETH You will receive additional 2500BCG and if it is 1ETH you will receive 50000ETH

By sending ETH to the above address,you accept that you are donating to the bitconnect project.