Crypto Mark - Make the Mark great again: Revision


We are giving away the Crypto Mark for free, because only if it gets well known it will also find the acceptance by the people which every currency needs.

In a first step we have given away for free 500 Crypto Mark to those people who supported us. The event was over-subscribed within 3 hours.

In a second round we will up to double your existing Crypto Mark balance.

These are the rules:

To be able to participate in the event you will need to contribute to the increasing publicity of the Crypto Mark by doing at least two of the following actions:

Sharing the twitter message with the link to the event.
Sharing the Facebook message with the link to the event
Writing a comment on
Writing in your own blog about the Crypto Mark
Do a youtube video about the Crypto Mark
Something else, which we cannot think of now, but which is supportive for the Crypto Mark

We will kindly ask you to fill out the form below to prove your support.

The additional Crypto Mark will be issued based on the following scheme:

If you fulfill the requirements for participation as mentioned above, we will add 25% to your existing Crypto Mark balance, if you own between 500 and 999 Crypto Marks at the end of the event.
In case you own between 1000 and 4999 Crypto Mark, we will add 50% to your balance at the end of the event.
For everybody owning 5000 Crypto Mark or more, we will double the balance at the end of the event.
As we do not want to leave out completely those people who did miss the first round of the airdrop, we will give away 500 Crypto Mark to up to 50 people who participate in the event. Should more than 50 people participate and qualify, we will randomly chose 50 winners.
The event will start on November 6th 2017 and will run until end of November, unless we decide to close it early. This will however be announced with at least two day notice.

The new coins will be issued at the end of December 2017 at the latest.

Good luck to everybody.