DSHP Airdrop 1

DSHP Airdrop 1

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DSHP free #airdrop is for everyone but make sure you follow all steps otherwise you will not get
free airdrop.
1) You must have a twitter account having more than 50 followers.
2) Your bitcoin talk profile must not be newer than 48 hours.
3) You have to tweet this link on your twitter profile.

Note : First 1000 user will get 500 tokens
Next 1000 user will get 400 tokens
Next 1000 user will get 300 tokens

Limit to 3000 users but if you send minimum 0.001 to contact address 0x4C1002d660C9a24E69F7127eeC8E05C883BbB00b you will get confirmed 1000 tokens