FAMILY TOKENS - Airdrop Program


Each person filling in the form will receive 2500 tokens. (ONLY FIRST 500)
Whoever uses duplicate or false accounts will be expelled from the program.
Sending the tokens will take a few days until all the inscriptions are checked.

The creation of the project, the tokens, the transactions, the web ... all this has a high cost. For this reason, and to be able to accelerate the project as much as possible, we ask for the collaboration of our followers or supporters. With a small contribution we will help these guys to carry out this project in which they are working so hard.

All contributors receive a bonus of 2500 tokens.

If you want to collaborate with this project from this moment, send your contribution to the next wallet. 


0.01 ETH = 2500 tokens more
0.10 ETH = 25000 tokens more
1.00 ETH = 250.000 tokens more

All contributors MUST NOT sign up for the airdrop as they receive a bonus of 2500 tokens.